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"Masters of Sex" Review: "Kyrie Eleison" (2x02)

“Masters of Sex” Review: “Kyrie Eleison” (2×02)

Episode 202

I don’t want to say this was a filler episode of Masters of Sex, but this was a filler episode of Masters of Sex. That being said, it was a fairly good filler episode. Entitled “Kyrie Eleison”, the episode dealt with a new nanny, a new hospital, a film crew, and a nymphomaniac. Yep, you heard that right. Masters of Sexhas always been a show that pushes the limits, and this episode is no…

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Matt’s Thinking Outside the Redbox: “That Awkward Moment”

Matt’s Thinking Outside the Redbox: “That Awkward Moment”

First time director Tom Gormican got his hands on a Blacklist script about three friends who decide to all stay single together after one of the friends goes through a divorce. A fun, interesting romantic comedy presence on the surface, but very little substance below it makes for a film that may get a few laughs, but also several groans from the audience members. That Awkward Momentstars a trio…

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Emmy Spotlight: “House of Cards”

Emmy Spotlight: “House of Cards”

Where does one begin with House of Cards? It so clearly (I might even say desperately?) wants to be a prestige drama, and it has many of the hallmarks of such series. High-profile director and executive producer from the film world? Check. Even higher-profile movie star making the switch to television? Check. Famous, older film actress arguably staging a comeback in her most notable role in some…

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